AltaSource Group provides experienced nearshore software development in Buenos Aires – creating a highly collaborative, cost-effective solution for our client’s development needs.

Nearshore Staffing

A primary and persistent benefit of working with AltaSource Group’s nearshore software developers in Buenos Aires, Argentina is the ability for real-time collaboration during normal North American business hours. Unlike offshore development in China and India our nearshore software development team lives and works within a very similar time zone (U.S. EST + 1 hour) to the vast majority of our clients.

This unique benefit enables the successful, real-time alignment between clients and the well-educated, well-spoken and highly technical members of our nearshore development team. At AltaSource Group we believe in engagement – and our nearshoring team engages far more frequently than traditional offshore development. Through this communication we understand your goals in greater detail, solve your problems more efficiently and create more agile practices throughout your company.

Discover the Benefits of Nearshoring

Nearshore Software Development

Offshore software development engagements veer off course for a wide-variety of reasons. Chief among them are misunderstandings between project team members, infrequent communication, language barriers, cultural barriers, poor use of development methodology, unrealistic productivity goals, a lack of transparency, a lack of frequent documentation and infrequent code reviews. The nearshore IT team at AltaSource Group eliminates these problems while also providing supplemental benefits.

Nearshore Consulting

In addition to collaborating more frequently with clients our nearshore team is also more culturally similar to North America and boasts a mastery of the English language that is unrivaled by offshore development teams in India and China. Thus, AltaSource Group facilitates even more fluid communication between clients and team members. Our nearshore services are the solution to the antiquated, disjointed and untimely communication problems that plague companies throughout North America.

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Award Winning Nearshore IT Software Development

Award Winning:

Our award-winning nearshore technical teams in Argentina have earned numerous technical awards, including CMMi Level 3, Microsoft certification and an award by CESSI as the best IT company of the year in Argentina in 2009. This is a testament to the skill found throughout our nearshore development staff.

Cost Effective Nearshore Development

Cost Effective:

AltaSource Group delivers our nearshore resources at a cost that is roughly one-third (1/3) that of similar U.S.-based development resources, providing the highest possible ROI to your company without sacrificing education, skill or fluidity of communication.

Transparent & Agile Nearshore Staffing


AltaSource improves transparency through the use of tools and video systems that produce a greater level of personal interaction between your nearshore IT staff, clients and all stakeholders. Clients can also review each nearshore contributor’s resume and interview them personally before making any hiring decisions.

Agile Nearshoring, Development & Consulting


While some companies prefer to spec an entire software development project before kick-off, others want the flexibility to evolve a software product as it emerges over time. AltaSource Group works with clients to select a software methodology that meets your needs given your perspective, goals and the desired outcome of a software development engagement.

Accountable Nearshore Consulting and Staffing


AltaSource eliminates confusion by supplying software engagement stakeholders with complete documentation both at the beginning of an engagment and at the conclusion of each phase of development. Therefore both parties are aligned from the beginning of a project through the successful completion of code delivery.

Secure IT Nearshoring and Software Consulting


The government of Argentina has made software development a top priority regarding exported goods and services. Consequently Argentina instituted a number of safeguards that provide for vastly greater protections of intellectual property than other non-U.S. countries. Please reference this list of Offshore risk centers.