More people now own mobile phones than own credit cards, so almost every business is tailoring a mobile strategy.

Your mobile development partner had better know the different challenges that emerge when developing mobile applications, and they should provide you with the resources that can effectively marshal a mobile applications development effort in a way that alleviates them from the many risks that can cause mobile development projects to go from great idea, to poor execution.


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Mobile App Architecture, Design & Development

AltaSource Group’s Field Discovery Engineers can appear at a client’s operations site to witness how your company’s mobile users will be interacting with their mobile apps. They document what they see so that a company and its developers can understand the different ways and situation that its mobile users will be accessing the most important information from their mobile devices. Mobile software architects can then design user paths that provide an intuitive user experience (UX) that is gratifying, and one that leads a user to the most valued information that they will be seeking. AltaSource uses successful mobile development methodologies and patterns which guide our mobile development efforts the right way from the start, thereby reducing development risk and increasing applications development ROI.

Mobile Operating Systems Support

AltaSource Group’s mobile development services include architecting and building applications in Android, iPhone/iOS and Windows Mobile Operating Systems, including deployment and maintenance phase delivery as well.