AltaSource Group was started after founding partner Dave Moynihan’s career path allowed him to witness many different types of software projects end in failure.

He observed that along with poor planning, certain work and process patterns consistently contributed to an IT project’s demise. So, he set out to create a company which utilized systems and environments where those factors could not be reproduced, thereby eliminating discontinuity between project target and developer action. We now strive to instill successful patters in our team’ activities, and promote successful delivery practices in every engagement. The resulting service is AltaSource Group, a company dedicated to achieving the outcomes and experience that our clients expect and deserve.

Whether a client chooses to engage our staff augmentation assets, IT project work or our Nearshore IT resources, AltaSource Group clients find their experience with us to be highly productive and effective. We believe that transparency and clarity are symptoms of accuracy and accountability and we continually seek to understand our client’s motivations and guide them along a path to successful software development outcomes.

Dave Moynihan

Dave is a seasoned IT executive bringing over 20 years of experience in the software industry to his work at AltaSource Group. Dave started his career at Advanced Technology Laboratories and has played leading roles at companies like Philips, Amazon and Safeco.

Additionally Dave has spent a number of years in the IT consulting field working with world leading companies like Microsoft and Alaska Air Lines. His passion for the IT industry and software development process continually drives Dave to successful solutions for his clients. He and his family are active in the local community and support the local MS chapter.


Board of Advisors

Charles H. Porter

Chuck is currently the CIO at Seattle University where he is heading several new technology initiatives. He was former Managing Partner & CTO at Accenture where he was responsible for the architecture, technology direction and product definition for Accenture’s infrastructure outsourcing practices globally. Previously he was the Managing Partner, CIO of Accenture Technology Services, playing a critical role from the company’s inception through its evolution to what would become the largest IT Consulting Company in the world.

Chuck currently serves as Adjunct Faculty member at Gonzaga University. Chuck received a B.S. in Mathematics from Gonzaga University, and an MBA from the University of Michigan. He enjoys photography, adventure travel, piloting private aircraft, scuba diving, motorcycling, and recreational computing.

Talent Acquisition

Mark Gosney, Talent Acquisition Manager

Mark is an assertive and creative Talent Acquisition Specialist with 10+ years of success in technology account management, professional services and technical recruiting. After finding his calling as a recruiter for a well-known global staffing firm, Mark transitioned effectively into the fast-paced IT and Software Consulting firm foray to successfully promote AltaSource’s growing accolades and recognition in local sourcing and staffing. Forming strategic partnerships, leveraging AltaSource’s proven talent acquisition methodology and forging new ground in traditional staffing, Mark pushes the boundaries of candidate rapport with a flair for humor and integrity, promoting individualized attention, not mass marketing.

A Northwest native, Mark has been a regular semi-professional musician on bass and drums. He’s also known to put in a few miles on the bicycle, tallying close to 5k miles last year. A devoted family man, he constantly looks for his Hot Wheels amidst the slew of “girlie stuff” from his wife, 3 daughters, & 2 feline family.


Chris Bloomquist, Talent Acquisition Manager

Chris has been in the IT field for 10+ years, holding the roles of Software Engineer and Recruiter, and serving clients ranging from Fortune 500′s to startups. He started his software career in the embedded and client applications arenas, developing inventory tracking systems using RF ID chips. In the years since, he has had the opportunity to serve as Talent Acquisition Manager for companies like Expedia, Walt Disney Internet Group, Holland America, and a host of startups in the Puget Sound. His hands on software development expertise has been invaluable in qualifying the most challenging roles for clients, and giving real world career advice to fellow IT consultants.

In his spare time, Chris plays sax and vocals for “Afraid of Figs”, a pop-rock band in Seattle, and enjoys hiking, ultimate frisbee, and getting lost in a good RTS or MMO video game. Chris has served on the advisory board for the UW Ruby on Rails Certification course, and holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University.